Eye See Satin Sleep Mask for Women and Men with Adjustable Strap, Comfortable, Blocks All Light

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EYE SEE SATIN SLEEP MASK ✳️ We all feel tired at times throughout the day 💤 and often that is strongly attributed to poor quality sleep through the night. It’s not so easy to sleep when you have light shining on your eyes keeping you up! 😫 ✳️ Do you feel like your sleep hours are precious and need to be maximized? Feeling low energy or sluggish through the daytime hours? If so try the Eye See Satin Sleep Mask with adjustable strap to keep you sleeping sound through the night. Our comfortable eye mask will help block all light from your eyes and is fully adjustable to fit your head.

UPC: 857614008195

  • GET THE REST YOU DESERVE - Eye See Sleeping masks for women help you get the best nights rest. This sleeping mask ensures you wake up feeling refreshed every time
  • FULL LIGHT BLOCKING - The blind fold covers all areas around your eye so you can be sure the sleeping eye mask is working to best capacity. Can be used for kids as well.
  • COMFORTABLE SILK - Our sleep eye mask is made from extremely comfortable satin silk material which lays lightly on your face for the most comfort. Eye See Sleep Masks
  • FULLY WASHABLE - Wash the sleeping eye mask with gentle hand wash whenever necessary

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