Eye See Cooling Eye Mask with Beads for Puffy Eyes, Sinuses, Dry Eyes and Allergy Relief

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Enjoy the Eye See Cooling Gel Eye Mask for relief from many ailments such as: Puffiness / Puffy Eyes, Dry Eyes, Dark Circles, Itchy Eyes from Allergies, Migraines and Headaches. Put the mask in the refrigerator for 2 hours and enjoy the relief. Alternatively, you can place the item in the freezer for extended cool use. Stays cool for extended period of time. Can be used in the morning, after workouts, before sleep or anytime. This can be helpful as a cooling eye mask for puffy eyes for daily use. THERAPEUTIC RELIEF - The masks can be used to relieve puffiness, migraines, dry eyes, dark circles, and sinus pressure COMFORTABLE - Made from a flexible resin which will conform to your face EASY TO CARE FOR - This cool bead gel mask is washable and reusable RELAXING - The frozen cold compress mask will soothe and relax a headache or other ailments and will help for relaxation ALLERGY RELIEF - Also great for itchy eyes from allergies. Can be used during sleep or when awake. Freezer Safe

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