Playtex Bottle/Nipple Gift Kit, Medium Flow

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Most Moms Agree The Less Time Spent On The Trial & Error Process Of Finding The Right Bottle, The Better! But Did You Know That Your Baby Might Be Rejecting The Nipple Rather Than The Bottle? That's Why Playtex Developed A Wide Range Of Nipples To Give Your Baby The Best Right From The Start. It's Easy To Mix And Match Bottles And Nipples For The Perfect Combination That Fits Your Babies Evolving Preferences. Once You Find The Right Nipple, You Can Use It With Our Playtex Bottles. Whether You Want The Convenience Of Disposable Drop-In Liners Or Prefer Reusable Bottles, Playtex Has The Right Bottle Feeding System To Meet You And Your Baby's Needs.

UPC: 078300052319

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