Gazillion Bubble Rush Bubble Blower Machine With 3 Solution Bottles, 40 Fluid Ounces

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The Gazillion Bubble rush bubble machine is a high performance bubble blower with an innovative design that allows for easy clean up. With its revolutionary design, This high-powered bubble machine blows the most bubbles ever. This next generation bubble blower machine has a three-section no-spill modular design including a removable washable Top, solution recycling tray and batteries and motor sealed inside base. Simply pour solution into the reservoir and push the button for a bubble explosion in seconds. This bubble machine is designed to create hours of fun for kids, and easy clean for parents. Includes an 8 oz. Bottle of Gazillion premium bubbles solution. 6 AA batteries required, not included. Appropriate for ages 3 years and up. Gazillion also offers bubble toys, bubble wands, and bubble bottles of solution

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