EyeSee Reusable Anti-Fog Cloth, Pack of 3 - Cleaning Cloth for Glasses, Cameras, Electronics and More - Reusable up to 700 Times

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EyeSee Anti-Fog Cloths effectively clean and prevent fog and have a variety of applications, including eyeglasses, sunglasses, safety glasses and goggles, binoculars and safety shields. EyeSee Anti-Fog cloth comes in a convenient resealable package and is reusable up to 700 times.

  • Reusable anti-fog cloth effectively defogs glasses, cameras, binoculars, helmets, goggles and more
  • Removes dust particles, finger prints, fog and more leaving lens surface streak free
  • Soft, scratch free cloth can be used up to 700 times to clean your lens and prevent condensation on the lens surface
  • Convenient, resealable packaging is perfect for on the go

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