Eye See Premium Glasses & Sunglasses Repair Kit, Includes 5-in-1 Cross Screwdriver Tool, Screws, Nose Pads, Plastic Washers, Bolts, Screw Covers

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42 PIECE REPAIR KIT for glasses and sunglasses including our specially designed jewelers 5-in-1 Screwdriver Tool that includes Phillips, flat, and plain round head 1.89mm inside diameter. Includes a complete assortment of nuts, bolts, screws, replacement nose pads and everything else you need to fix glasses. Never again have to wait your turn to get glasses fixed at Walmart or your optical store. Use this full professional grade kit for your own DIY repairs at home. Fast, convenient, and easy for anyone to use. INCLUDES SCREWS WITHOUT SLOTS with plain round heads that fit into the special end of the screwdriver. No matching slots are required. This screw tightens with friction for a faster, easier repair on a wider selection of glasses.

  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO REPAIR - Never again feel like you have to throw away good sunglasses or stand in line at the optical store to get yours fixed. This full featured 42pc kit from Eye See has absolutely everything you need to make your own repairs at home. Be sure to check sizes to make sure they fit your glasses.
  • SCREWS, BOLTS, NUTS - You will receive the most common sizes found on glasses and sunglasses from every brand all over the world. Included is a wide variety of screws including .8mm diameter x 4mm long; 1.2mm x 5mm; 1.3mm x 4mm; 1.4mm x 4mm. Nuts and fasteners with inside diameter of 1.3mm. Now when you lose a screw or other part from your sunglasses, you have the replacement immediately available.
  • 5-in-1 JEWELERS CROSS SCREWDRIVER TOOL - A cross point Phillips and flathead plus a plain round head. Sizes are Slot 1.6mm, Phillips 1.6mm, and Plain Round Head 1.89mm. This is much more convenient than trying to find a small screwdriver, then messing up the screws in your glasses with the wrong size tool. Now you've got exactly the tool you need for quick, safe, easy repairs.
  • EXCELLENT ORGANIZATION - Kept in the stylish, neat hard plastic organizer box. The clear lid lets you see what you have at a glance. Keep this in a drawer or tool box for instant availability when you need professional grade glasses repair.

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