Eye See Gel Eye Mask, Green - Cold Compress Ice Pack with Gel Beads - Microwave Safe for Heat Therapy - Great for Puffy Eyes, Dark Circles, Dry Eyes, Soothing Headaches

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? Do you have problems with puffiness or dark circles around your eyes? ? Do you often experience stress or digital device induced headaches and migraine attacks? ? Are you desperately in search for a quick, safe and effective relaxation and rejuvenation solution? Eye See Professional Eye Gel Mask is here to save the day! OUR HIGH QUALITY, GEL EYE PATCHES ARE GREAT FOR: ?? Get rid of dark spots around the eyes ?? Eliminate puffiness and dryness ?? Soothe headaches and sinuses ?? Helps you de-stress and rejuvenate ?? Helps you to sleep better at night ?? Size of mask: 9 x 3.5” inches Why Choose Eye See Brand? ? We are from the only brands that made sure that our masks are completely filled up, unlike others that have empty areas. ? Also, we made extra-long straps so that they can fit all sized heads and its customizable, so you can always cut them shorter. A Relaxation Tool You Can Use Anytime, Anywhere! The idea of being able to take a break and relax, even for just a few minutes, is getting much harder for most people in this modern world we live in today. And this is what pushed us to invest in a product that can alleviate a few stressors of daily life, even for just a few minutes. This migraine ice pack is built to last! Our mask is made out of cold-resistant PVC technology and is packed with numerous benefits to help your overall well-being. Variety of Uses and Benefits! You can use it to get rid of puffy and dark spots around the eyes, swelling, eye bags, headaches, and even allergies and sinuses. Plus, when used as a warm eye compress, it can help you achieve a much deeper, more relaxing night’s sleep. Toss it in a backpack, bag or carry-on and take it with you when on-the-go! No need to go and pay top dollar at a spa to relax! Just throw our sleeping gel bead mask into the fridge or in the microwave (for 10-15 seconds) and wear it over your eyes. Sit back and let the relaxation and rejuvenation begin!

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