Eye See Cooling Gel Eye Mask for Puffy Eyes, Dark Circles and Allergy Relief - Blue Plush

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HOW TO USE - Put the cooling sleep mask in freezer for at least two hours for best results, Then place the frozen Eye See mask with the fabric side on your closed eyes. If you find it to be too cold from the freezer, you can try the refrigerator for 2 hours as well. Comfortable and great for headaches, fever, reducing puffiness, relaxation, Soothing & Revitalizing Eye masks for puffy eyes can be relieving, however please use with care.

  • Eye See Cooling Eye Mask for puffy eyes is exactly what you need in order to help those dark bags, puffy eyes, and to obtain therapeutic migraine relief.
  • Our Eye gel mask / ice mask lays comfortably on your face and stays cold for optimal cooling mask relief for extended periods of time.
  • The cold compress helps alleviate sinus pressure and migraines from daily stress. Try the eye ice pack while watching TV or just resting after a long day. Also can be used for post surgery.
  • You can use this cooling eye mask for sleeping or for use during the day.
  • Eye See cooling face mask can be washed mild soap and water on the plastic side.

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