EOS FlavorLab Super Soft Shea Lip Balm Sticks, 100% Natural and Organic Shea Lip Balm, Pack of 8

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Eos FlavorLab lip balms. 2x Watermelon Frosé: notes of juicy, fresh off the vine watermelon mixed with the cool rush of icy, happy hour frosé and a dash of kaffir lime zest. 2x Lychee Martini: Notes of distinctly sweet and tangy lychee martini, and the tartness of late-summer raspberries and a juicy splash of passion fruit nectar. 2x Beach Coconut: Notes of creamy Thai beach coconuts, rich vanilla, and a dash of pink sea salt. 2x Lavender Latte: Notes of French vanilla balanced with fresh-ground espresso, sweet cream, and a sprinkle of hand-picked lavender.

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