Duracell Silver Oxide Button Watch Battery 303/357 3 Ct

Case Size: 1
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Long-lasting Power, Guaranteed.

Duracell is the #1 trusted brand of pharmacists and first responders, so you know it is a battery you can trust. And, they are guaranteed for three years in storage with Duralock Power Preserve™ Technology. The battery contains 0% mercury.


  • IEC: SR57
  • Volt: 1.5
  • Size (mm): 9.5 X 2.7
  • mAh: 55

Best uses:

  • Medical devices
  • Watches
  • Toys
  • Calculators and more

Equivalent to:

SR57, SR927W, SR927SW, 395, 399, D395/399, V395, V399, SR927

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