Dial Hand Soap with Moisturizer, Spring Water Scent, 52oz, 2 Pack

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 Dial Antibacterial Hand Soap with Moisturizer, Spring Water Scent, 52oz ea., 2 Pack

Find refreshment in a hand wash that removes dirt and germs while conditioning skin. Feel the sensation of dipping your hands into a natural spring for an invigorating clean.

  • Moisturizing as it cleans, this soothing liquid keeps even hard-working hands soft as well as delightfully scented.
  • Kills 99.9 percent of germs (bacteria encountered in household settings).
  • Cleansing and conditioning blend together beautifully, in a hand wash that's mild for the whole family.
  • Pass on the Dial heritage to the hands you care about most. Formulated to be gentle on skin, even on the smallest hands.

UPC: 017000047287

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