TruBiotics Daily Probiotic Supplement Capsules 30 Capsules

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Do more for your health naturally and give your body the boost it deserves with the One a Day TruBiotics Daily Probiotic Supplement. It is designed to support your immune system and your digestive health. Made with the highest product and quality standards, these One a Day natural probiotics contain an active blend of two probiotics, lactobacillus acidophilus LA-5 and Bifidobacterium animalis BB-12. It supports the 70 percent of your immune system that is found in your digestive tract. This One a Day TruBiotics Daily Probiotic Supplement is offered in capsule form to replenish the good bacteria that live naturally in your digestive tract. It is free of gluten and soy, and comes in a 30-count bottle to give you a 30-day supply. It is packaged in TruPreserve, a canister that is designed to protect the live and active probiotics inside.

UPC: 016500550808

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