Old Spice Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant, Stronger Swagger, 2.6 oz, 2 Pack

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It'll be hard to tell how hard you're working with the Hardest Working collection. No matter how hard you're working, Hardest Working is working harder to reduce sweat and stink so you hardly show how hard you're working. Stronger Swagger has an even stronger scent of masculinity, which happens to smell like lime and cedarwood. Old Spice Men's Invisible Solid Sweat Defense Antiperspirant and Deodorant has stronger and longer-lasting sweat protection. To use, turn the base to raise the anti perspirant and wipe armpits for lasting dryness. Smell like smelling good is your job. Because it is ours, and we did a really good job.

  • Stronger Swagger takes confidence to the next level with lime and cedarwood scents that can't even feel self-conscious because they're plants
  • Sweat Defense extra-strong anti-perspirant & deodorant makes you smell like an extra-strong man with extra-strong arms that have tattoos of arms on them that are also extra-strong
  • Old Spice Sweat Defense Men's Anti-Perspirant makes your pits stay dry for longer that you thought they could
  • The Hardest Working Collection brings together more odor-blocking, sweat-defending, and dirt-destroying power
  • Legendary protection for legendary men

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