Febreze Unstopables Fabric Refresher, Fresh, 27 fl oz (Pack of 3)

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Spritz hard-to-wash items with unstoppable fabric refresher to make them feel fresher than bottles of glacial spring water imported from Finland. And while it won't last as long as most glaciers, the freshness does last for up to one entirely indulgent week. It's the ultra long-lasting luxury of unstoppable. Smell like the lifestyle you deserve.

  • Unstoppable fabric refresher adds a touch of elegant fragrance that elevates the everyday.
  • Pile on the prestige with the bright, vibrant, airy scent of Fresh
  • Long-lasting unstoppable fabric refresher gives instant VIP status to hard-to-wash fabrics, do not use on leather, suede, silk, or fabrics that may water spot.
  • Available in a variety of paparazzi-attracting scents Fresh, Shimmer, and Lush.
  • Unstoppable fabric refresher 27 ounce bottles

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