Duracell Quantum Alkaline Batteries, AAA 12 pack, Long Lasting

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Duracell Quantum Alkaline-manganese dioxide AAA battery. Reliable everyday power. Get dependable, long-lasting power from CopperTop batteries with Duralock Power Preserve Technology. These batteries have been engineered to deliver just the right level of power for most of your household needs. Plus, they now have up to a 10-year guarantee in storage. Many of the devices you use in your home are powered most efficiently by Duracell CopperTop batteries with Duralock, including toys, clocks and radios, remote controls, smoke alarms, flashlights, portable electronics, calculators, wireless mice and keyboards. Equipped with more active material than any other alkaline, This will increase your productivity and reduce your operating costs. 1.5 V Nominal voltage. 1.6-0.75V operating voltage. 250 m-ohm at 1kHz impedance. 0.4 ounces typical weight. 3.5 cubic centimeters typical volume. Flat terminals. -20 to 35 degrees celsius storage temperature range. -4 to 130 degrees F operating temperature range. 24A ANSI. LR03 IEC.

  • Alkaline-manganese dioxide AAA battery
  • Quantum batteries are designed to last longer across a range of devices
  • Features PowerCheck - allows you to see the remaining power on the battery at the push of a button

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