Clorox Precision Pour Bleach Gel, Original Scent, 24 oz

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Clorox Multipurpose Precision Pour Bleach Gel, Original, cleans and whitens tough stains and household surfaces with accuracy and less mess. The thicker formula and precision pour spout make it easy to control where the bleach gel is being placed without any splash or mess. No more ruined clothes from unintentional bleach drops. This sodium hypochlorite bleach can be used in both standard and high efficiency washing machines. Clorox Multipurpose Precision Pour Bleach Gel targets stains with precision pour, so you can put your bleach exactly where you want it.

  • Thicker formula to target tough stains with accuracy and less splashing
  • Easy to grip container with precision pour spout for more control
  • Use in standard and high efficiency washing machines
  • Removes tough stains and provides unbeatable whitening

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