Ajax Liquid Dish Soap, Ruby Red Grapefruit, 28 Oz.

Size: 1 Pack
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Delight in the fresh, clean aroma of Grapefruit while getting your dishes spotlessly clean with Ajax Ultra Super Degreaser Grapefruit Dishwashing Liquid. It is formulated with natural citrus extracts and powerful ingredients. It removes tough, baked-on food residue, dirt, soil and grease. Ajax Ultra Super degreaser strips grease on contact. Can also be used for other tough jobs around the house, including things like to pre-treat laundry, wash tires, and wipe appliances.This washing liquid is kosher and phosphate free.

  • Strips the grease on contact
  • Removes stuck-on-food
  • Contains fresh lemon scent
  • Leaves dishes sparkling clean 
  • With 100% real citrus extracts
  • America's #1 Value Dish Brand
  • Can be used for other tough jobs beyond dishwashing (ex. pre-treat laundry, wash tires, wipe appliances)


UPC: 035000446749

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