Acne Treatment Cream - Clearasil Rapid Rescue Spot Treatment Cream with Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Medication, 1 Ounce, 3 Pack

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Clearasil Rapid Spot Treatment Cream is your one stop solution to open blocked pores and reduce pimple size and redness within four hours to give you a clear beautiful skin. The acne treatment cream comes with Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Medication that clears existing pimples and helps prevent new ones from forming. Clearasil cream always provide deep cleansing by tackling pimples above and below the skin surface for rapid treatment. The spot treatment cream starts working instantly to deliver maximum strength medicine deep into pores so you can live a carefree life today and tomorrow. This rapid action cream absorbs quickly into the skin and penetrates your pores to fight breakouts. The cream is dermatologically tested and designed to use only for acne medication. How To Use: Apply Clearasil Rapid Spot Treatment Cream directly onto affected area and blend in the skin. Apply on the spot as and when needed. Warning: Do not use if you have very sensitive skin or are sensitive to benzoyl peroxide. Avoid unnecessary sun exposure and use a sunscreen, avoid contact with eyes, lips and mouth.

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