Duracell Instant USB Charger - External Battery

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The Duracell Rechargeable Instant Charger gives you compact, on-demand power. It allows you to instantly charge many USB-compatible devices, such as your iPhone®, iPod®, or BlackBerry®. The Instant Charger conveniently charges through your laptop or computer’s USB port and fits most mini-USB powered devices.

The Duracell Instant Charger conveniently charges through your laptop or computer’s USB port. Simply connect the Instant Charger to your computer using the USB cable. The charge indicator light turns red to indicate that the battery is being charged and turns green when fully charged and ready. The on/off switch helps to efficiently conserve power. When not in use, turn the Instant Charger off to prevent from losing charge. When ready to use, simply turn the Instant Charger on. The LED status light will turn green, indicating that the charger is on and ready. Compact, portable power. The Instant Charger’s streamlined design makes it a handy portable power solution. Its size is not much bigger than a credit card, so it's easy to bring in your bag for backup power when you need it most.

  • Fits any mini USB powered device. Also works with Apple & micro USB device cords with USB tip.
  • Up to 3 hours of backup cell phone power. Up to 50 hours of music playback.
  • On/Off switch which efficiently conserves power.
  • Can be recharged 100's of times.

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